December 11, 2020 - Reading time: 2 minutes


Though I just wrote a bit in About Me, I'd like to introduce you to my intentions for the website and give a general layout.

Social media is fine for sharing, but posts and topics get buried over time. I wanted a persistent space to write about my interest in fiber and textiles. My hope is to maintain documentation of projects and resources for like-minded people and perhaps provide some insights or unique perspectives that are not common in the fiber world today. Possibilities I'd like to include are:

  • links to resources
  • personal essays on the subject
  • recommended books and authors
  • highlights of people working in the fiber world today
  • historical context
  • my projects

I would like to know more about the sustainable world of fiber, empowering people to make their own clothes, wear things differently, use fair trade, local, living-wage, ethical fashion, etc. etc. et cetera. To dress yourself and be warm without exploiting or damaging a person, animal or the environment in the process.

This site is designed with Bludit a free and open-source website and blog platform. I'm attempting to write most of my posts in [Markdown] a new-to-me lightweight markup language to format text on the web. I have a preference for free and open-source software, and use it wherever I can. I feel it democratizes the internet as well as our hardware. Images are edited using GIMP on a computer I built running Ubuntu.


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